Energy Clearing

Why is it important to maintain regular energy-clearing practices?

Energy clearing is rooted in various holistic and spiritual traditions that recognize the existence of subtle energy fields surrounding individuals, places, and objects. It is beneficial for several reasons.

* Balancing and Harmonizing Energy: Negative or stagnant energy can accumulate in our energy fields or living spaces, leading to imbalances and disharmony in our lives. Energy clearing practices aim to restore balance and promote a sense of well-being.

* Emotional and Mental Well-Being: Release emotional baggage, reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, and promote mental clarity and emotional resilience.

* Physical Health: Facilitate physical healing by addressing the root causes of illness or discomfort. 

* Spiritual Growth: Enhance spiritual practice, increase connection to your inner self, and explore higher states of consciousness.

* Positive Environment: Remove negative or stagnant energy, making the environment more conducive to positive interactions, creativity, and productivity.

* Cleansing Negative Influences: Remove negative influences or attachments from a person or place, providing a fresh start or a sense of protection.

* Enhancing Intuition and Awareness: Regular energy clearing practices can heighten your intuitive abilities, increase self-awareness, and help with making better life choices.

* Cultural and Spiritual Tradition: For many cultures, energy clearing practices are deeply rooted in tradition and serve as a means of connecting with ancestors, spirits, or higher powers.

About Dowsing

Dowsing is a way to clear our energy, improve our intuition and receive information we might not receive otherwise. It can help us make better decisions in any part of our life.  Dowsing has been described as “Mother’s intuition with a readout device”.

There is nothing magical about dowsing and there is no power in the instrument used. The power is in the human mind and dowsing helps focus the mind.  Most people have more mental ability than they are aware of, which means it's not being used in a conscious way.

 Dowsing is simply the use of a physical object that tells us what we already know but don’t realize we know it. The dowsing tool you use is not hugely important, though you may prefer to use something that's personally meaningful for you.  I use moldavite and copper on a chain for a pendulum, because moldavite is indigenous to my Czech Bohemian ancestral lands.  Among the things I use it for is to clear and extract harmful energies, to transmute and raise the vibration of the body, land, homes or buildings, and relationships.  It can be used to support tracking when doing spiritual work such as soul retrieval or the integrity of spirit guides.  Dowsing can also be used practically to test the quality of food and water, where to live, the potential benefits or dangers of a trip, the integrity or compatibility of business associates, potential romantic partners, investments, and many other things.

Some believe that dowsing is a ‘gift’ and you either have it, or you don’t. While some people have a natural ability for dowsing, as some have a natural ability for art, music, or sports, dowsing is a teachable skill. I observed and trained with other dowsers and cultivated the craft by putting it to the test of daily practice.

By teaching people how to dowse, they report better conditions in their workplace and greater harmony in their home and with their family. Some have said they improved their health and experienced a sense of personal empowerment.

If we have better information, we can make better decisions, and dowsing is a way to receive information available to us from the intuitive realm.  According to brain frequency research, while dowsing, a person is operating in four brain frequencies at the same time. The frequencies are Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta. 

Energy clearing can be taken in isolation or combined with shamanic and/or sound therapy. Energy clearing is typically considered a complementary or alternative approach to well-being and is not a replacement for conventional or psychological treatment when needed. It is often used in conjunction with other holistic and wellness practices to promote overall well-being.

Energy Clearing Investment: $50 / 20-30 minute session

Session Format:  We'll discuss your area(s) of concern and use dowsing to clear, transform, and re-energize your LEM (light electromagnetic) body.