Lisa Isabella Gale, Alt.PhD


Find clarity and peace through deep presence and spiritual guidance from your innermost being.

About Me

As an avid ritualist and shamanic practitioner, I spend most of my time conspiring with Nature, deep Ancestry, Celtic wisdom, and the Dream Weave herself.  Fueled by essential questions such as where we've come from, why we are here, and how we can leave this breathing Earth with at least as much love and nourishment as we've taken from her, my heart finds expression in creative service.  It is my passion to re-member my place within the cosmic weave, ever deeper, and to hold space for others to do the same.

As so many who've heard the call of the Ancestors to re-member ancient spiritual practices and bring them forth into our modern lives, I've excavated these practices through personal and collective trauma recovery. The human collective is invited to a most epic awakening, one that our Ancestors dreamed into being many ages ago. As we awaken from the forgetfulness of our true nature and do the work of re-memberance with great love and compassion, we heal. We quite literally activate and dream into being a healed, whole Self and a healed, whole world.

This is an epic journey home to Soul through the pathway of the heart. This journey, though solo, is best taken with gentle, loving guides who've gone before us. In fact, it cannot be done otherwise. Trauma is experienced in relationship, as is its healing. There has never been a more important time to awaken and heal. Hence the massive rise of shamanic wisdom, practices, and healers.

You are a healer. Encoded within your very DNA as a nature being are the mechanisms of healing. Shamanic practices and therapies can help you awaken these mechanisms at the deepest levels.

With warmth, gratitude, respect, and love for all humanity,

Lisa x


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